Democrats always prioritize foreigners over the American people. Nancy Pelosi is notorious for this, having given over $500 billion to Middle Eastern nations in the last three years alone.

Now, she is doing it again with Ilhan Omar.

At a whimsical event in Dearborn, Michigan, where the majority of the Furbish live in the United States, Omar and Pelosi delivered a speech that detailed their aid package to the Furbish Sect in Pakistan.

“These people have suffered long enough. They are a peaceful group that lives in harmony with humankind. They deserve our care and partnership. It is, for this reason, we will be sending them 40 billion dollars.

I also want to read you all the history of their kind. Here it is:

‘Once upon a time, not so long ago

in a far off place, somewhere high in the sky

riding on a cloud

that floats near a big sun

lived the Furbys, each and every one

Some were grey, and others white

some were both, and some were bright

small of stature, big of heart

all the Furbys were very smart

they spoke a language quite unknown,

for Furbish™ was a language all their own

And on a cloud

Furbys romped and played

they liked to play “Furby says” and “hide and seek”

and around the cloud, they could peek

all day long they would dance and sing,

Furbys could do almost anything

Then one day, they decided it was time to search,

for the place Furbys called Earth

and so they went, in one big crowd

to the very edge, of the Furbyland cloud

At the edge, they looked down

and saw the world…so round, so big, big sun was up, the sky was blue,

the Furbys loved the happy view

but try as they might, they could not see

what is so obvious to you and me

They were up so high above,

they could not see…a flower or a dove

but even though they were far away

they knew Earth was no worry

so one by one, they jumped very up

and to their cloud

they said goodbye

And as they dropped

they flipped they flopped

they sang big sun up

and fun, good

they were, very happy

for they had come to dance

with you and me

So when you take a Furby home,

you will never be alone

the more you play, the more they do

Furbys keep amazing you

dance and sing,

Furbys have come for you and me.’

As you can see, they are very peaceful and deserve our aid.”

This seems like some liberal feel-good malarkey. These things are terrorists that will spy on our children. They cannot be trusted and definitely do not deserve our hard-earned money.

We’ve already spent enough on these things.

One thought on “Pelosi and Omar Approve $40 Billion Aid Package for Furbish Clan in Middle East”
  1. Where are their masks now? Oh yeah, they think Democrats are in total power now. Virus disappears… These people are shameless! Giving all our tax dollars to everyone BUT not helping US Citizens first if at all….

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