Diabetes Didn’t Stop Me To VOTE FOR TRUMP!!!


The 2020 year started as the worse in my life. I lost my husband (war veteran) to cancer and the world seemed to have ended for me. I was diagnosed with Diabetes type 4 ten years back and the events in the past year just destroyed me. It quickly progressed to Type 2 and I thought I was going to die. Our beautiful two sons all grown up now were with me then and helped me go through the funeral and I know I wouldn’t be writing this if there wasn’t for them. I love them dearly and can’t thank them enough. They did there best to help me stand on my own two feet.

I promised my husband I will cherish his legacy and fight for our country anyway I can. This was election year and our president was doing great! Mr. Trump closed the borders and saved countless lives. He might have saved mine as well when I think of it. In my condition COVID19 would be lethal. Apart from dealing with the grief and my illness I wanted to help the community and my country. I asked my kids to help me do it.

I do take Insulin regularly and as my doctor prescribes, but my body was week and I couldn’t do what needed to be done. My two boys found few websites online with the diets for Diabetics that I tried my best to follow but it was draining my energy even more.

The Election year was in full swing and they were attacking MY PRESIDENT from all sides. I couldn’t just give it up and let it go. I took it to myself to start researching. I found many shady unprescribed drugs, disaster causing diets until I got my hands on-

I started it and my condition got better and better!! I was able to continue being active in my community. I felt more alive. I knew I was doing something good. Something that my husband would be proud off. My sons did not recognize me after being in the program for 6 weeks. I loved the feeling and even my doctor allowed me to reduce the dosage of insulin since there was no need. I still had to take the shots but not as nearly as often as before.

I was now ready to take on my role as a mother of two Great Young Americans, as a wife of a late Great Veteran. And I wanted with all my hearth to make AMERICA GREAT again. I knew the fight was not going to be fear but I was prepared now. I had a bit of my youth back and a lot of the fighting spirit. I was active online and in the neighborhood. My ladies loved spending time with me and we organized meeting every week and with some of them almost every day. The fight was on. Getting closer and closer to the election I felt even better and better. We were raising funds, we were organizing pamphlet deliveries and also, we went from door to door to make sure our Great state remains Red and our president remains Mr. TRUMP.

On the eve of the ballot counting I cried, I must admit. I knew they will do something like this but I also was damn proud that we kept our state. We did our best and we won. We did not allow some low-lives to tell us how to vote or how to live. I know my dear David is watching and looking after us from above. I did not allow Diabetes to best me and I destroyed the SWAMP this year. In few years I will do it again and this time with you!!!

Take your life back and try this program-

Your country will need you!!! It is not over YET!!! We will Make America Great again!!!!

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