February is the shortest month of our calendar year.  We all know this. It also happens to be “Black History Month.”  

We also all know this. We have been celebrating black history month along with the Blacks in our country since its inception in 1970. Now, Vice President Kamala Harris has challenged this long-standing American tradition with the proposed change to observe Black History Month from February 1 through March 15.

This is merely Harris’s and the Democrat’s latest attempt to divide our country even further along color lines. Dividing us in such a fashion is a means to their communist ends. Only through our division, the division of black and white, and even yellow and red, will we be defeated. Her proposal gives blacks a definitive advantage in the number of commemorative days. She is clearly attempting to bait a race war.

Yes, African Americans have contributed more, willingly or not, to our country than any other race. But does that truly deserve another 15 days? No other enslaved culture has more days dedicated to them.  The Irish get one day in America. The Japanese don’t have a day despite being interned during World War II. The Lycans receive no recognition at all.

The White House was built by slaves, so maybe that’s one extra day.  However, Bill Cosby is the descendant of slaves, so maybe that should take that day away. Samuel L. Jackson is the highest-grossing actor in the history of Hollywood. That counts for a lot, especially considering the cultural importance of his roles in “Pulp Fiction” and “Snakes on a Plane”. 

Sam was even willing to sacrifice himself on film to the white supremacist Emporer Palpatine. That’s how much he understood his role in American society.  But how do you quantify that into days?

While no one will blame Kamala Harris for fighting for recognition of part of her own ethnicity, a line must be drawn in the cotton field. That line should favor those who our very prosperity was built on. Africans, stolen from their own countries, sold to, and forced into labor in what we now call the United States, are the sole reason our country exists. 

To think otherwise is not only naive but racist.  Considering the sensitivity I’ll give Black History Month February 1 through March 13.

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