Joe Biden‘s son, Hunter, is mired in controversy. It was his laptop that Rudy Giuliani discovered and it was the information contained on that laptop that revealed the level of corruption in the Biden family.

The emails found on Hunter’s laptop revealed how father Joe used the office of the vice president to enrich himself, along with his family and friends. These were illegal acts. Biden was trading favors from his office in exchange for favoritism to his son. Or something like that.

Joe Biden is attempting to downplay his involvement with the Hunter Biden email scandal. Despite all evidence to the contrary, the former vice-president is trying to claim that he is not even familiar with Hunter Biden, who is actually his son.

The claim is obviously bizarre. Hunter is Joe Biden’s biological offspring and they’ve been seen together numerous times through the years. Joe has mentioned Hunter by name and has repeatedly acknowledged him as his own son.

His followers are pointing to his denial as a defense against corruption charges. This clearly shows just how dimwitted his followers are. Hunter is the man’s spawn! Of course, he knows him. But Joe is firm in his denial.

“Look, I have never met this guy. Hunter? What kind of name is that? I wouldn’t even look at somebody with such a stupid name. I don’t know him.

This is obviously a set-up from Trump to make me look bad. They want the people of America to think that I am guilty of the crimes that he himself has committed.

But, again, I have never met Hunter Biden. Hey, I’m the President! Presidents don’t lie.”

It is possible that Biden has simply forgotten who his son is. His evident dementia may have taken another turn. In any case, this ridiculous defense will not work. We know the truth.

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