Tucker Carlson told his audience on Wednesday night that on Monday his team received a collection of confidential and damning documents related to the Biden Family. Tucker said he believed the documents were real and damning.

Tucker and his producer were in Los Angeles at the time and had an associate ship the documents to California overnight so Tucker could see them.

But the damning Biden documents never made it to Los Angeles.

The envelope was discovered during shipping and it was empty.
The contents of the package went missing.

The shipping company investigated and the company did not find out what happened to the contents of the package.

This is very worrisome.
And you would think the company has better security to prevent this from happening.

One thought on “BREAKING: Tucker Carlson Tells Viewers a Package with Biden Documents Sent By Producer from NY to LA Was Tampered with and Contents Went Missing (VIDEO)”
  1. Did you have a copy of the materials, at least? Never ship anything of importance without making a copy…in this case, given the importance, It would have been good to have made a certified copy with a notary, and had photos of everything. I’m sure the contents of your package have been shredded and burned. So sorry Tucker. Is there any way you can get another copy?

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