Since its founding in 1947, Pakistan has consistently challenged western ideals and culture. The country treats its women worse than liberals treat liberty.

Since the British relinquished the land to allow dissenting  Indians to create their own sovereign state, a dark shadow of abuse and cruelty has veiled much of central Asia and spurned the growth of intolerance.

This is the country President Biden just got into a nuclear arms deal bed with.

Pakistan’s radical Muslim ruler, Mola Ram, was born into the particularly brutal Thuggee cult, a highly controversial denomination of Kali.  He has been long radicalized and rules with the iron fist of his faith from his perch in the storied Pankot Palace.

The palace alone is shrouded in mystery and intrigue. While foreign dignitaries seem free to come and go as they please, locals who venture there are often never seen again.

Especially the children. Ads by Revcontent

It has long been suspected that Mola Ram has relied on the labor of local children who are kidnapped and brainwashed into his cult. They are forced to mine for the remaining two long-lost Sankara stones.

The Sankara stones are a trio of magical rocks revered by the Thuggee. One of the stones was located in a small village called Mayapore.

Thuggee cultists raided the village of both its children and its Sankara stone, which the local villagers referred to as Shiva Linga.

Mola Ram even restored the long-abandoned Kali Temple beneath the palace to practice his heinous Thuggee rituals.

It is said that Mola Ram had the ability to remove a person’s still-beating heart from their chest to please his god, Kali.

“The British in India will be slaughtered. Then, we will overrun the Muslims. Then, the Hebrew god will fall, and then the Christian god will be cast down and forgotten. Soon, Kali Ma will rule the world.”

Do these sound like the words of a sane man?  Why would a sitting American President ever enter into an agreement with a man like this, much less gift him $2 trillion?

Perhaps it’s the liberals who voted Biden into office that are the true followers of Kali Ma?

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