In what can only be described as a spiteful move, presumed president Joe Biden has ordered the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency (ICE) to look into the legal status of former First Lady Melania Trump. She originally entered the country on an “Einstein Visa” in 2001, one of only five Slovenians to win the coveted visa that year.

Biden has instructed ICE to conduct a series of tests on Melania that include both mental and physical challenges, as well as written tests. While she has shown an incredible acumen in the past for repurposing Michelle Obama’s words, she will not have the same advantage with these tests. Her words will be solely her own, but that may be the difference.

It is rumored that Melania can speak five languages. She is said to be fluent in Russian, English, Eastern Azerbijiani, Polish, and Thizzle.This alone proves her status as an Einsteinian genius, but let’s not stop there. She has also displayed a gift in hussery, the art of being a hussy.

This is typically only achieved by the most adept in conning their (her) way into positions of power. It goes without saying that her proficiency in hussery is nothing short of legendary.

The elephant in the room here is Joe Biden’s obvious thirst for Melania. He is literally so thirsty for the former nude model that he is attempting to send what is unattainable to him out of the country. The thirst would also explain the dryness in his voice. He’s barely understandable due to his envy for Trump.

The biggest fear is that, if detained, Melania will be separated from her son, Barron Trump. He would be subject to a caging at one of our borders, most likely the one with Canada. It’s hard to understand how a president could be so heartless.  Then again, we’ve all known Biden’s heart hasn’t beat since 2017.

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